JONTI Productions, LLC is a musical production company specializing in writing, composing, scoring and recording music for film, television as well as R & B, Pop and Top 40 music. Located in Los Angeles CA, JONTI Productions was founded by Memie Clifton (M.C.) Burton, III in 2005.

From your initial melody to your final mix, JONTI Productions provides the coveted style and sound of today’s hit records. Utilizing only the finest toys in the biz, such Open Labs’ MIKO, Pro-tools, Cubase, Logic and thousands of virtual instruments and sounds, JONTI Productions is geared up to produce the unique sound of today but more importantly the sound of the tomorrow!

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The 29th Annual ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards

Wow!!! That’s really all I can say, is wow! The 29th Annual ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards last Wednesday was the best night I‘ve had in some time. It was held at the beautiful Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. It was a perfectly hectic and stressful yet beautiful day in L.A. As an artist, I […]

A Test of Faith

It was just a few weeks ago, I believe it as August 8th. The day started out pretty much like any other. I woke up, brushed my teeth and began to pray. I don’t consider myself a religeous man. To me that means you spend a lot of time discussing religion. In my opinion, there […]

Stuff I’m Workin On

Stuff I’m Working On!! At the moment, I have a number of things going on. First is my album production CD! The CD will have many trax that I’ve been working on myself in addition to collaborations with other artists and producers as well. The purpose of this project is to give the public, other […]